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Jon Bourque
Store Manager
Jon got into riding because he feels like a kid again every time he rides. His favorite part of working at Cahaba Cycles is getting involved with the community. Jon has had many interesting experiences on his bike, including the time he made a dog crash (we’re still not sure how that happened). He’s really stoked about some of the latest industry developments like the new 29+ bikes and looks forward to the continuous evolution of the sport.
Mike Garner
Service Manager
Service manager by day and Cyclocross Racer by night (or weekend), Mike has been riding for 25 years. He loves that he can bring his dog with him to work, and claims that he primarily rides so that he can continue to eat an excessive amount of doughnuts. His expert cycling tip? If you can’t fit it in your jersey pocket then you don’t need it.
Sean Hobbs
Sean has been fixing bikes for a little over a year and has been riding them for 8 or so. His favorite memory entails riding a Fuel EX 8 on Coldwater Mountain, and he subscribes to the Ricky Bobby philosophy "I just wanna go fast".

Craig Noland
Cycling Consultant
Craig has been riding bikes for over 15 years and his favorite people do it with are his kids. He swears that getting a bike fit makes all the difference, and encourages everyone to do it at least once. Craig enjoys a good Clif bar while riding, and says he doesn't shave his legs because he likes to feel the wind in his hair. Thanks for that visual, Craig. 

Brian Brian Bell
Brian's 38 years of experience working on bikes makes him a superhero to cyclists. If there is a way to fix it, Bell will find it!  Brian is an anomaly in the cycling world because he prefers Diet Mountain Dew over coffee. He advises everyone to keep the rubberside down!
Brandon Keel
Brandon is a total newb with less than a year of riding under his belt. He loves his Trek Fuel EX and has really enjoyed getting to work with the nice guys at Cahaba Cycles who have already taught him a ton about fixing bikes. His biggest advice to other new mountain bikers is to try and avoid hitting trees. We didn’t ask if this was coming from experience, but we assume that it is.
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